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Vein Viewer

New product for detecting Veins

Portable children & Adults vein illuminator vein Infrared Vein Locator Portable vein viewer.

Easy Use

Suit for kid and adult use, easy medical observation superficial dorsal vein in venipuncture.

Injection Treasure

Let the back of vascular clear, sharply, not repeat acupuncture treatment.


Small and lightweight, easy to carry or use.

LED light source

Widely used in clinics, hospitals or homes for intravenous injection.


Vein Viewer Infrared vein detector

The infrared vein detector transmits light and infrared mixed wavelength to the skin, and hemoglobin absorbs infrared light, so that the vein vessels on the back of the hand can be clearly displayed, so as to assist the medical staff to check the vein vessels suitable for puncture under the skin, and improve the success rate of vein puncture, which can be used in hospitals, clinics, and family transfusion with auxiliary use.

how to use

A Better Way to detect Veins

Red LED light transmission through the blood vessels at the back of the display is more clear and easy medical observation superficial dorsal vein in venipuncture.


Smart high infrared light

Light source: 3 LED Bulbs with high performance infrared Wavelength to detect Veins Clearly. Unique high power red LED light can be used to help anyone find the vein under the skin. LED Bulbs With intelligent Thermal Removal System to Avoid Heat Filling.

Adjustable light control

Easy to controlling Clockwise rotating power switch to control it, depending on the patient’s condition, rotating power switch to adjust the brightness of the light source to be searched veins were clearly visible.

Battery Life Detector ( NEW )

One Power LED light with Three different Colors indecets to Battery Charge Capacity

Green   = Full Battery

Yellow   = Medium Battery

Red        = Low Battery

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Product Dimensions

19.5 x 4.0 x 4.5

Item Weight

200 grams

Shipping Weight

500 grams


Off white Available in Stock.

Black, Blue, Pink (Coming Soon)


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